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Annie Murphy Has Ingested Coldplay Front Man Chris Martin’s Sweat

Who is the most famous person whose sweat you’ve tasted? Follow up question: How? If you’re Annie Murphy (of Schitt’s Creek and Kevin Can F**k Himself fame), the respective answers are Coldplay front man Chris Martin and “touched him at a concert, then licked the sweat off my own hand.” While playing “True Confessions” against Seth Meyers on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Murphy revealed that she ingested some of Martin’s perspiration, so some a part of him could be with her always. Twihards will recall that this is exactly the same reason Edward gives for consuming one of Bella’s tears in Midnight Sun. So that’s the energy we can expect from Kevin Can F**k Himself.

Annie Murphy Has Ingested Coldplay’s Chris Martin’s Sweat