Bad Bunny Is Ready to Book You Tickets to ‘Yonaguni’ in His New Music Video

He can fill his sunlit days with endless, lonely sushi dinners, group dog walks, yoga, parties, and Pokémon Go tattoo sessions, but as Bad Bunny croons in his new single, “Yonaguni,” those pastimes barely help pass the time when he all wants to do is be with you in Yonaguni, Japan’s westernmost inhabited island. He even ends the track by singing in Japanese. Yonaguni is also associated with a myth about an island entirely populated with women, which isn’t going to do Bad Bunny much good, if you aren’t one of them.

The YHLQMDLG artist and Wrestlemania star dropped the new single, and its accompanying music video, almost two months after his announcement that a North American tour supporting his most recent album El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo will kick off next year in 2022, but just a week after the arrival of a new song with Laur La L, “100 Millones.” Sounds like Bad Bunny’s schedule for the year is already filling up. Better get in that couple’s vacation now.

Bad Bunny Ready to Book Tickets to ‘Yonaguni’ in New Video