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Dana Carvey Used the Penultimate Conan to Work Out Some Material

These young kids have no craft. They bring their little notebook onstage and bring neither razzle nor dazzle to their performance. Take this youngster Dana Carvey. He used the second-to-last episode of Conan to “try some shit out.” Clutching a piece of paper from a legal pad, Carvey workshopped his latest guy: Red Rednecki, the Redneck Comedian (Intentionally Bad). Rednecki (I am having to guess on the spelling, and am choosing to mirror the spelling of “Jonathan Lipnicki”) has a catchphrase, which which he signs off every joke, “Come ’n’ git sum.” For example, “My grandpa invented the phrase ‘dollars to donuts.’ Every time he got a buck he bought a donut. He died at 37, come ’n’ git sum.” Carvey explained his seeming unpreparedness by way of the location; other times he’d played Largo, his rehearsed bits fell flat. This is a place for experimental stuff. Hence Rednecki. O’Brien appreciated the site-specific art, and also let it slip that he and Carvey share a therapist. Good to know.

Dana Carvey Brought his Notebook to the Penultimate Conan Ep