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David Dobrik Ignores Vlog Squad Controversies in YouTube Comeback

Zane Hijazi and David Dobrik. Photo: YouTube

David Dobrik, relying on the ol’ “boys will be boys” defense, returned to YouTube on Tuesday night with a brand-new vlog. The video shows Dobrik reuniting with the Vlog Squad (his cast, paid in clout), including Jeff Wittek, who nearly lost his eye in a vlogging accident last year, and Jason Nash, who was accused of sexual assault by former Vlog Squad member Seth Francois earlier this year and still hasn’t acknowledged it publicly. Dobrik surprises them all with a trip to Hawaii in the video. “Are we gonna be vlogging?” squad member Heath Hussar asks. Duh, the tickets didn’t pay for themselves. During the Vlog Squad’s pandemic hiatus, the group was hit with a number of allegations, including sexual assault for a prank on Francois, in which he unknowingly made out with Nash twice, and rape, against Dominic Zeglaitis (a.k.a. Durte Dom) made by an underage fan who alleged in a March Insider report that the incident was used as a bit in Dobrik’s vlog. Dobrik acknowledged the allegations in two apology videos in which he distanced himself from Zeglaitis. (Zeglaitis commented on a recent Instagram post of Dobrik’s, saying thanks for including him in the new vlogs, but his involvement has not been confirmed.)

The squad’s safety was also called into question when it was revealed that Wittek had to undergo major surgery following injuries he suffered while filming one of the vlogs. Dobrik briefly addressed the accident in Wittek’s own video series, Don’t Try This at Home, but has not discussed the dangers of the Vlog Squad’s stunts as a whole. The only acknowledgment of it in the new video comes when Wittek jokes about calling off a lawsuit against Dobrik now that the vlogs are back. However, it seems things haven’t exactly gotten up to code: Zane Hijazi is clearly injured in a behind-the-scenes photo from the comeback vlog. Who is gonna tell these folks about unionization?

David Dobrik Ignores Controversies in YouTube Comeback