RuPaul’s Drag Race Star Widow Von’Du Arrested for Alleged Domestic Assault

Photo: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Ray Fry, known to RuPaul’s Drag Race fans as Widow Von’Du from the show’s twelfth season, was arrested and taken into custody by the Kansas City Police Department Monday after an altercation over the weekend. Per TMZ, Fry’s boyfriend told authorities that the drag performer became upset after discovering him asleep in his home Friday. Fry then allegedly “proceeded to punch his face 4 to 5 times, strangle him, drag him across the floor, and eventually push him into a bed frame.” According to People, Fry was charged with one count of domestic assault in the first degree, and three counts of domestic assault in the second degree. He was released from custody on Tuesday after posting $5,000 of a $50,000 bond.

However, video of Fry’s arrest posted to Twitter by user @cyndollx shows the drag star asserting it was he who was “assaulted in my own apartment” and that the altercation was him “defending myself” from his boyfriend. “You’re taking me down because I was assaulted in my apartment, as someone else would not understand that his privilege does not extend to my apartment,” Fry, in drag, tells police as a small crowd gathers on the street.

“As a Black man in this city, I am being arrested for defending myself in my apartment,” he continues. “And just because his ass got beat up because he would not leave when I asked five times, I’m being arrested. So what I want everyone to see, is that I am being arrested right now, for defending myself in my apartment, instead of someone being arrested for violating me.”

Fry is reportedly due to appear in court on June 7.

Drag Race Widow Von’Du Arrested for Alleged Domestic Assault