Elijah Wood Is Just a Really Nice Guy, Honestly


If anything can make talking about serial killers slightly less disturbing — and I do mean slightly — it’s doing it with Elijah Wood. He is so nice and fun! We stopped by the Tribeca Festival to sit down with the No Man of God producer and star to talk about the Amber Sealey–directed film and explore the intense psychological dread that draws us to reexamine serial killers. We also talked about pizza. Being the cool chill dude he is, he agreed to play another round of our classic game, “Elijah Wood Elijah Woodn’t.” It’s there that we learned there’s a special kind of pizza that *only* Elijah Wood eats — it’s apparently an Iowan delicacy, because who but a Midwesterner would put sauerkraut on a pizza??

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Elijah Wood Is Just a Really Nice Guy, Honestly