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Ancient Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Travel Through Time With a Warning About Voting Rights

All time travel stories face the same problem: if the events of the movie, book, or TV show are currently taking place, doesn’t that imply the past has already happened as feared? Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, at least, are ready to roll the dice and hope for an alternate timeline in a new spot from RepresentUs in favorite of the For the People Act voting rights bill currently headed to the Senate. From a dystopian future, the “Electric” singer and the Carnival Row actor plead with the residents of 2021 to call on their Senators to defend their right to vote, or else “the Regime” will destroy democracy and strip citizens of their voice. A plan that would be a lot easier to carry out if people didn’t keep voting for the Regime, or if all of us could collectively acknowledge how many Americans have had their ability to vote actively suppressed throughout our nation’s history.

And if the truth wasn’t depressing enough, the fictionalized Bloom also ends the spot by asking us to say hi to the pair’s daughter, born just last August. “Tell Daisy we love her,” the actor begs, as the couple flees a battering ram-wielding soldier. Wouldn’t Daisy only be 35 in 2055? What happened to her that you can’t tell her yourself?! That’s a downer. On the other hand, this week Senate Democrat Joe Manchin, who stood in opposition to the Act, revealed a “compromise bill” allegedly designed to garner bipartisan support, so maybe cutting into Sarah Silverman’s Instagram Live feed, or whatever that was, is working out after all?

Ancient Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Time-Travel to Your TV