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Lady Gaga Rains on Our Pride Parade, Postpones Chromatica Ball to 2022

Photo: Lady Gaga/YouTube

At this point, we’d bet there’s a better chance Elon Musk will send Grimes to Mars before any of us Earthbound peasants ever get to visit Planet Chromatica. Lady Gaga’s world tour promoting her 2020 album Chromatica is now being postponed to 2022. The news broke earlier today in an email from Ticketmaster to ticket holders, with a “special message from Lady Gaga” that read, “While some parts of the world are moving quickly to open up, others are not yet ready. So until we can confirm all global dates, we have to postpone The Chromatica Ball shows to the summer of 2022.”

Originally, the tour that was planned for 2020 was postponed to 2021. We’re starting to suspect that by the time this tour actually happens, Stefani will be in her “Old Lady Gaga” SNL sketch era.

Lady Gaga Postpones Chromatica Ball to 2022