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Watch Gavin Newsom Do a California Reopening Victory Lap on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Josh Meyers (Seth’s bro!) reprised his impression of California Governor Gavin Newsom on Late Night with Seth Meyers to comment on California’s reopening. Yesterday, Newsom announced the state’s full reopening at Universal Studios Hollywood, with the help of Optimus Prime, a velociraptor puppet, and that troll from Trolls that farts glitter.

Some people would announce a big public health thing at a more somber locale, like the Governor’s Mansion, or a hospital. But that’s not how California rolls. Newsom chose to mark the state’s reopening on the same spot where Rose McGowan walked the VMA red carpet in an assless dress. History on history on history. Meyers-as-Newsom bragged on the state’s budget surplus, its vaccination rate, and its prix fixe meals at French Laundry. “So if you wanna recall me, you’re gonna have to do a lot better than Caitlyn Jenner.

Restaurants, bars, theme parks, and other public venues are allowed to be open at full capacity in California, with vaccinated patrons going fully maskless. However, businesses can still enforce stricter COVID guidelines if they so choose. The opening was perhaps most visible at Disneyland, where TikToks captured thousands of people lining up to get into the park.

Gavin Newsom Does a CA Reopening Victory Lap on Late Night