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Jason Mantzoukas Steals Paramount’s New Trailer for Antoine Fuqua’s Infinite

Sure, Mark Wahlberg stabs a plane with a samurai sword and clings to its hull as it flies through the sky, and Chiwetel Ejiofor hunts same-said Mark Wahlberg and his fellow super-beings through the centuries as they all reincarnate again and again, ever more powerful, but the most fun part of Paramount+’s new Infinite trailer is definitely Jason Mantzoukas, who co-stars as some kind of extremely upbeat reincarnation technician. “I like you this time around,” he enthuses, as he ushers Wahlberg in to get his memories “reset,” a process that involves a leaking steel tube and seems wildly unpleasant.

But back to the film’s conceit: Do you find yourself drawn to places you’ve never been? Well, according to the forthcoming action movie Infinite, based on author D. Eric Maikranz’s The Reincarnationist Papers and premiering on Paramount+ on June 10, that might be because you’re an Infinite, a warrior capable of retaining his or her skills (and personality!) while reincarnating through time. Great for kicking ass on top of a construction crane, less so for escaping one of your own that has decided your mere existence is an abomination and you all must be destroyed. Still, the plane-stabbing skills might make it all worth it. Which life did Mark Wahlberg learn how to do that in? Seems like it’d have to be pretty recent.

Jason Mantzoukas Steals Trailer for Antoine Fuqua’s Infinite