Miley Cyrus and 52 Other Artists Cover Metallica on The Metallica Blacklist

It’s a collaboration only legends could pull off. Elton John, WATT, Yo-Yo Ma, Robert Trujillo, and Chad Smith all contributed to Miley Cyrus’s new cover of “Nothing Else Matters,” from the Metallica tribute record The Metallica Blacklist. Along with Miley Cyrus, 52 other artists “spanning an unbelievably vast range of genres, generations, cultures, continents and more” perform a unique rendition of their favorite song from Metallica’s self-titled fifth album, also known as The Black Album, in honor of its enduring impact over 30 years. The Metallica Blacklist accompanies the album’s “definitive re-release,” which also comes in a limited-edition deluxe boxed set that rivals BTS drops, “containing the album remastered on 180G 2LP, a picture disc, three live LPs, 14 CDs (containing rough mixes, demos, interviews, live shows), 6 DVDs (containing outtakes, behind the scenes, official videos, live shows), a 120-page hardcover book, four tour laminates, three lithos, three guitar picks, a Metallica lanyard, a folder with lyric sheets, and a download card.” We assume owning it gives you a free pass to “name an album” someone wearing a Metallica tee. The Metallica Blacklist is out on September 10, with proceeds going to over 50 charities. Above, listen to “Nothing Else Matters” (Cyrus’s version).

Miley Cyrus, 52 Other Artists Cover Metallica’s Black Album