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It’s the Fourth Circle of Anthropomorphic Hell in Netflix’s Sexy Beasts Trailer

It took a few years, but Netflix is finally courting that coveted Genesis “Land of Confusion” music-video crowd. In the trailer for its new dating series Sexy Beasts, a show we had zero idea was a thing until this morning, we’re introduced to a series of young, hot singles whose young, hot faces are covered by elaborate masks and prosthetics. But, obviously, everyone knows they’re still hot, even if those panda and dolphin ensembles try to hide it. The premise is to find out if these singles can fall in love based on “personality alone,” which, if Netflix were to repeat itself, actually can happen. We have a feeling the Chewbacca who declares “ass first, personality second” will go far. Sexy Beasts will drop for hate-watching on July 21.

It’s Anthropomorphic Hell in Netflix’s Sexy Beasts Trailer