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Neon’s Pig Trailer: Drop the Truffle Fries and Help Nic Cage Find His Little Friend Already

Between your mac and cheese, your French fries, and even your pizzas, you might take for granted all the hard-working truffle foragers behind one of food’s most enduring trends. In the first trailer for Neon’s Pig, however, we are introduced to not only an Oregonian loner (Nicolas Cage) but his extremely cute, mushroom-obsessed, strawberry blonde roommate, a pig. Once his little porcine partner in crime is abducted, however, Cage’s woodsman, who at some point seems to have been a high-end chef, is forced to return to civilization to answer the movie’s pivotal question: “Who has my pig?”

While the film, directed by Michael Sarnoski and costarring Alex Wolff, Adam Arkin, and Gretchen Corbett, might immediately encourage a comparison to Keanu Reeves’s puppy-revenge flick John Wick, it is very, very important to point out that Cage’s pig, while kidnapped, is probably still alive. Who else is going to suss out those sweet, sweet truffles, after all? However, if the porker does pass on at any point, we will hurl our truffle-infused popcorn in the air and start a riot at the theater, where will be watching Pig when it premieres on July 16.

Pig Trailer: Drop the Truffle Fries and Help Nic Cage Look