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Selena Gomez Forms a Crime Co-op Board in the Only Murders in the Building Trailer

Oak elevators! Hidden bookcases! A $2,000 monthly maintenance fee! So goes the enchanted Upper West Side lives of the characters Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short portray in Only Murders in the Building, until, well, some murders actually happen in their building. Unfortunate.
In the first full trailer for the Hulu comedy series, the unlikely trio becomes fixated with a crime committed just a few floors away, with more and more suspects emerging from their apartments with what seem like … motives? Red herrings? Annoyances that their neighbors keep bothering them for clues? It’s hard to tell. “Every true crime story is actually true for someone,” Martin opines in the trailer. “I can’t tell if I want it to be nothing or for it to be something,” Gomez adds. The series will premiere on Hulu on August 31, although the other Upper West Side classic, Oh, Hello, is streaming now.

Only Murders in the Building Trailer: Selena Gomez Vs. Crime