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Tati Westbrook Returns to YouTube for the First Time in a Year With a New Life Update

Photo: Screenshot via YouTube

Beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook made her return to YouTube on Thursday, after a year offline following her explosive “Breaking My Silence” video, in which she alluded to legal battles with Jeffree Star. Westbrook says there are no lawsuits, but, of course, she doesn’t want to talk about that. In her return video, “A Year Later,” which she teased on her reactivated Instagram, Westbrook touches on how hard her life has been since then (yeah, same, girl) and the lawsuit she’s currently embroiled in with former business partner Clark Swanson over allegations of fraud, negligence, and breach of fiduciary duty.

“I was recently informed that Clark Swanson had been feeding information, disparaging information, to drama channels about myself, about my husband, my family, info about Halo Beauty, financials, pipeline of product launches, the kind of stuff that should never be shared under any circumstances,” Westbrook says. “Finding this out really signaled to me that this, in my opinion, feels like sabotage and has made me want to go the distance and not stop the fight for justice in this particular situation.”

Meanwhile, it also inspired Westbrook’s choice to “come back and make content and still believe in this brand, promote this brand, be in this brand as the CEO while my business partner is suing me.”

Westbrook also revealed that the stress of the last year put strain on her relationship with her husband, James Westbrook. “It’s kind of gone from Lifetime movie, because there’s so many crazy parts, to maybe like a thriller?” she says, comparing her life to a movie. “And then I’m really hopeful for a Hallmark ending, a happily ever after.”

But eagle-eyed fans should not be alarmed if they notice Westbrook without her wedding ring. She says she misplaced it during her move from Los Angles to Seattle, where she now resides. Westbrook says she will be returning with more beauty videos, but has one request: Stop trying to predict her future. “I’m going to keep charging forward. However, when it comes to things like psychics, mediums, tarot readers, I have closed that door in the spiritual realm, and I am asking to not be used in any way, shape, or form in videos involving divination,” she says, with all the eye contact of that Miley Cyrus meme. “Please do not.”

But if you wanted to say “your prayers over this video, over this battle I’m in, so that it can just be brought to peace for everyone involved,” Tati concludes, she’ll take it.

Tati Westbrook Returns to YouTube With a Life Update