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Meet Ted Lasso’s Angry Alter Ego, Led Tasso, in the Season Two Trailer

Getting relegated probably wasn’t the best thing to happen to our dear Ted Lasso and his Richmond crew in the show’s season two trailer, and we’re not just talking about all those sad montages of missed goals and embarrassing streaks of draws. (It’s the opposite of what you’re thinking.) No, Ted (Jason Sudeikis, a hoot) has to unleash his very mean alter ego, Led Tasso, to whip his players into shape, even if that means calling them all “turd birds” and flipping over a few tables of sports drinks to get them to listen. We … think it’s working? Maybe? Anyway, they’ve got a lot of work to do if they want to make history and get back into the Premier League, but at least the legendary trio of Rebecca, Higgins, and Keeley are there to help. The 12-episode second season of Ted Lasso will debut on July 23.

Meet Ted Lasso’s Alter Ego, Led Tasso, in Season 2 Trailer