We’re All Trying to Find the Designer Who Did This

It’s nice to see fashion finally ketchup to Tim Robinson. Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photo Courtesy of Moschino and Netflix

A week before returning to Netflix for season two, Tim Robinson’s sketch-comedy series I Think You Should Leave has officially become the hottest new muse of the fashion world. The revelation comes from the unveiling of Jeremy Scott’s 2022 men’s and women’s resort collection for Moschino, which was revealed today, complete with a musical titled Lightning Strikes: The Moschino Musical. Scott spoke with Vogue about the collection, and right at the top of the conversation, he shouted out one piece he’s particularly proud of. “Sometimes I forget that maybe I might be a little twisted, because it’s all so natural … It’s enthusiastic, it’s genuine, it’s pure. It’s maybe a little bit naïve. It sounds stupid to say that about oneself, but if I think about it in terms of everyone else … Yeah!” he said. “It’s a pre-collection and I have a motherfucking hot-dog dress!” Sound familiar?

Here’s Moschino’s motherfucking hot-dog dress:

Photo: Courtesy of Moschino

If you’re a fan of ITYSL, you’ll already recognize this look as a standout fashion moment from the show’s first season in 2019, which has since exploded into one of the most-deployed political memes of the past two years. But just for comparison’s sake, here’s ITYSL’s motherfucking hot-dog dress:

Photo: Netflix

Given the striking similarities, we just wanted to note how Scott, whether intentionally or subconsciously, was clearly inspired by Robinson when he started working on this collection, which also includes looks inspired by breakfast and ice-cream sundaes. And in case there are any fashion designers out there struggling with ideas and in need of some Robinson inspiration, TC Tuggers and Z Shirt are right there.

We’re All Trying to Find the Designer Who Did This