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The Nerdlucks Finally Get Their Due in the Teen Titans GO! See Space Jam Trailer

Move over Jonah and the bots, there’s a new movie riffing crew in town. And this time, it’s IP-on-IP goofs. In advance of the LeBron James remake, Cartoon Network is releasing a Pop Up Video meets that “Treehouse of Horror” segment where Bart and Lisa get zapped into an Itchy & Scratchy recut of the original 1996 Space Jam. As shown in the trailer, the Nerdlucks (who are sadly missing from the King James versions of both Space Jam and the Bible) wreck the Titans’ pool day, and insist that they and the viewing audience watch the OG Jam on VHS. We are then treated to a trimmed and svelte Space Jam with extra jokes from Raven and Starfire, stats from Cyborg, and a gratuitous ass-shot counter from Beast Boy. Sure, why not? Teen Titans GO! See Space Jam will air June 20 on Cartoon Network, and will be available for online purchase July 27.

Toons Riff on Toons in Teen Titans GO! See Space Jam Trailer