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JB Smoove Recounts Swimming with Sharks (and Brad Paisley) on Conan

“Right now I wanna give a big shoutout to my people out there. You know who you are: the reef shark, the tiger shark, the sand shark. Much appreciation goes out to you.” JB Smoove swam with sharks for a Shark Week thing, and it changed him. He is the Black Dolphin now, one with the ocean, a member of its community, and unafraid of sharks forevermore. On his last Conan appearance, Smoove recounted how the sharks showed him love, how nothing is better than peeing in the water, and how Brad Paisley was also there. Smoove appeared earlier in Conan’s farewell proceedings, appearing on what could be the last Clueless Gamer ever. He games like a Black Dolphin, too.

Watch JB Smoove Reenact Swimming with Sharks on Conan