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Kristen Bell Can Make Her Eyeballs Go All Weird

The Zoom interview may be on the way out on late night, but Kirsten Bell used it to great effect on The Tonight Show. After watching a segment where Jimmy Fallon had viewers zoom in with their weird talents, Bell shared her own: She has separate control of both her eyeballs. Bell got real close up on her Zoom camera (showing off upsettingly gorgeous skin, by the way) and made her eyes go all googly for our viewing pleasure. Bell says this trick has no possible real-world applications, but that can’t be true. What about starring in a gender-flipped Marty Feldman biopic? Barring that, it’s at least a useful trick at kids’ birthday parties. Bell was on The Tonight Show in part to promote her return to the Gossip Girl franchise. Bell’s disembodied voice is one of the few actors from the previous incarnation of the show that are definitely included in the HBO Max revival. New Gossip Girl is an Instagram account, but Bell narrates the captions all the same.

Watch Kristen Bell Make Her Eyeballs Go All Weird