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Mandy Patinkin Can’t Name a Single Batman, Nor Should He Have To

Welcome back to another edition of, “Mandy Patinkin: What Does He Know? Does He Know Things? Let’s Find Out!” In our previous installment, Patinkin didn’t recognize the Friends theme song. Now riddle me this, Batman(dy): Can Patinkin, with the help of his wife, Kathryn Grody, name a single actor who has ever played Batman, in anything? This isn’t a speed round, mind you. Patinkin can take all the time he needs. But as was made clear in a video posted to his Twitter account today, America’s Dad needn’t concern himself with such trivial matters. Here is a list of everyone Patinkin and Grody guess for four hilarious minutes before they finally land on a Batman:

“Adam Beech, on television.” -Mandy

“The great actor that played Chaplin. You know his father gave him fucking marijuana as a kid, he has a lot of issues …” -Kathryn, in mom-speak for RDJ

“My favorite actor guy. My favorite actor of my generation. You know, he’s just great!” -Mandy

“Robin?” -Kathryn, referring either to Robin Williams or just naming Batman’s sidekick

“Daniel Day-Lewis” -Kathryn

“Clint” -Kathryn

“Cliff” (????) -Kathryn

“Kenneth Branagh” -Kathryn

“He was in the movie about the thing in Boston.” -Mandy
“About the massacre?” -Kathryn
“No, no, about the politics.” -Mandy

“Tony Hopkins” -Kathryn

“This is horrible and it’s humiliating and you’re not allowed to post any of this stuff, and I’m gonna go learn Spanish because that’s supposed to be a good exercise for your brain.” -Kathryn, opening Duolingo on her phone

“He’s skinny, but he can also get fat if he needs to be.” -Mandy

“He got fat in that movie, I don’t think it was about the priests, it was about the economy.” -Mandy

Moneyball!” -Kathryn

“Benedick Cumberbunch” -Kathryn

Their son, who is filming the video, gives a hint: “It rhymes with ‘Fish Bin Kale.’” Nothing. So he tries again: “It rhymes with Kiss Him Stale.” Kathryn has her aha moment, correctly naming a Batman, Christian Bale.

Patinkin bursts out into applause. “I love you, Christian Bale!” he shouts to the heavens, following it up with, “God forgive me for not remembering your name! I remember your soul.

Mandy Patinkin Can’t Name a Single Batman