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Everyone’s Favorite Disney Princess, Roz, Is Back in the Monsters at Work Trailer

Wow, it seems like Disney+ is really pulling out the big guns, vis-à-vis big movie stars, for their episodic programming. And we’re not talking about Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson. The trailer for the streaming service’s newest animated series has none other than animation’s most prized Disney princess, Roz the slug monster from Monsters Inc. The new series, Monsters at Work, follows a new recruit voiced by Ben Feldman who works in the Monsters Inc. maintenance department. The colorful new trailer also shows the return of Billy Crystal and John Goodman as Mike and Sulley, and the addition of Henry Winkler as cute, one-eyed, elephant-nosed thing named Fritz. The animation looks almost movie-level good, the jazzy soundtrack is back, and there’s even another Roz-ish slug being to adore. Out of all Pixar properties, none is better suited to an episodic workplace sitcom. Our only complaint? The kid at the beginning of the trailer looks like a Boss Baby or a LOL Surprise Doll. It’s all wrong! It’s a disgusting animated child! But we digress. Monsters at Work premieres in all its scaly, furry, slimy, funny glory on July 7. Imagine all the merch!

The Best Disney Princess, Roz, Is Back in Monsters at Work