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Tyler, the Creator’s ‘Juggernaut’ Music Video Is a Quick Bite

Tyler, the Creator is absolutely making fur hats happen just in time for the hottest months of summer. On Friday, the same day that he released his sixth studio album, Call Me If You Get Lost, he released a teeny-weeny music video for album track “Juggernaut,” and it packs so, so much visual punch for its 90-odd-second runtime. Tyler strolls through a lemon grove in Columbo’s trench. He surfs on a monster truck through the Sound of Music set. He pulls said monster truck, Tough Mudder style, while delivering Lil Uzi Vert’s featured verse from the track. He skydives, but the hat stays on. Blink and the video’s over. But go back to the beginning: See that blur falling out of the sky in the top left corner behind the lemon grove? Is that the skydiver? Time, man. It’s a flat circle.

Tyler, the Creator’s ‘Juggernaut’ Video Is a Quick Bite