Pop Sensation Vin Diesel Wants to Do a Fast & Furious Musical

The lovable cast of scamps at the heart of the Fast & Furious franchise have driven their cars everywhere: underwater, outer space, the mean streets of East L.A. But there’s still one terrain that the Toretto clan has yet to conquer: the Broadway stage. And Vin Diesel is fixing to change that. During a Wednesday appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Clarkson asked him, “What about doing a full-on Fast & Furious musical? Would you be down?” Diesel answered, “I’m dying to do a musical,” elaborating, “I’ve been dying to do a musical my whole life! I was this close to doing Guys & Dolls with Steven Spielberg, and we ended up not doing that. But I’m dying to do a musical.” Take us back to the timeline where we had Spielberg directing Diesel in that, instead of Spielberg directing Ansel Elgort in West Side Story. Never forget that The Kelly Clarkson Show has been instrumental to Diesel’s music career since Day One, when her virtual audience bopped along to his single, “Feel Like I Do.” They didn’t get into the logistics of what a Fast & Furious musical would actually look like (might we propose a Starlight Express–style roller-musical called Fast!), but they did get into Diesel’s star chart: Cancer sun, Scorpio rising, Sag moon. Sensitive and fiery. This explains so much.

Pop Star Vin Diesel Wants to Do a Fast & Furious Musical