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Meet 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’s New and Returning Couples

With 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After’s current season nearing its end, TLC has announced the upcoming premiere of season three of The Other Way, arguably the franchise’s best spinoff. Featuring Americans who’ve left home to move abroad with their partners, 90 Day: TOW naturally makes for high drama, but there’s also something about these couples that’s more genuinely romantic than the “normal” way versions of the show.

Armando and Kenny Photo: Mansi Midha/Discovery

Take for example, 90 Day: TOW’s best couple: Kenneth and Armando. After getting their marriage license approved, 90 Day’s first gay couple is planning the wedding of the year in Mexico. Dealing with international homophobia and Kenny’s inability to learn Spanish hasn’t made things easy for the couple, but Armando seems far more outspoken in their relationship in the above first look at season three. They also have Hannah, Armando’s daughter, to blend into the mix (and it sounds like Armando wants to make some additions in that department).

Sumit and Jenny Photo: Mansi Midha/Discovery

Kenny and Armando might be the couple I’m most excited to revisit this season (I am biased), but the other returning couples are certainly 90 Day All-Stars. Sumit and Jenny still aren’t married, Sumit’s family still doesn’t want him to marry her, but Jenny is living in India on an extended visa all the same. Will this season see the end of their relationship, or will one of them finally put their foot down and make a wedding happen? Even though I’ve never trusted Sumit, I do believe in their love.

Ari and Bini Photo: Mansi Midha/Discovery

There’s also Ariela and Biniyam, who have surprisingly found a way to make things work since we last saw them. How have they done that? Well, Ariela has been relying more and more on the friendship of her ex-husband. In fact, Ariela shares that the man she was married to for a decade is coming to stay with them in Ethiopia. Is there any good reason for that to happen? Absolutely not. Will I be watching every moment of drama that comes from Biniyam boxing with Ariela’s ex-husband? I absolutely will.

Evilin and Cory Photo: Mansi Midha/Discovery

If every season has to have heartbreak, that’s the case for Evelin and Corey, whom we haven’t seen since season one. These two are constantly breaking up, sleeping with other people, and getting back together. Evelin hated America and convinced Corey to move to Ecuador for good, even though she still doesn’t seem as into the idea of marriage as him. Corey is still trying to convince himself that this woman actually wants to marry him, while Evelin’s friends repeatedly say it’s a dumb idea.

From left: Alina and Steven Photo: Mansi Midha/DiscoveryEllie and Victor Photo: Mansi Midha/Discovery
From top: Alina and Steven Photo: Mansi Midha/DiscoveryEllie and Victor Photo: Mansi Midha/Discovery

Among our new couples, there’s Steven, 25, who was planning to move to Russia to be with Alina, 20, until COVID-19 changed their plans. Young love is always a great addition to the 90 Day Fiancé formula, and these two certainly don’t seem mature enough to move across the world and get married. Finally, there’s Ellie, 45, and Victor, 38, who absolutely seem like they’re old enough to know they’re making a huge mistake. Ellie has decided to give up her restaurant and life in Seattle to move to a small island off the coast of Colombia. Despite multiple red flags and lies, Ellie is convinced of their love. Unlike some of 90 Day: TOW’s other new couples, these two pairings feel legit rather than heavily scripted (I hope we never see Brittany and Yazan on the show again).

Will Kenny learn Spanish? Will Sumit start telling the truth? Will Evelin ever start to like Corey? Will Ariela stop being the most selfish person in 90 Day history? Find out when 90 Day: The Other Way premieres Sunday, August 29 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, with each new episode available to stream early on Fridays, exclusively on Discovery+. I’ll also be providing you with weekly coverage on all of The Other Way’s international mayhem every week right here at Vulture.

Meet 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’s New, Returning Couples