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Andrew McCarthy Fixed And Just Like That With a Little Photoshop

Photo: 20th Century Studios

The devil works hard, but Adobe Creative Suite works harder. When HBO Max released the first official image from And Just Like That, the Samantha-less Sex and the City revival, people had questions. “Will this work without Kim Cattrall?” and “Was this Photoshopped?” being the two main queries. HBO answered that second question with a definite “No,” but Andrew McCarthy answered both questions on Twitter. Not who you’d think would weigh in on the SATC sequel series, but go off. As for whether or not the show needs Kim Cattrall, he answered, “Hell yes,” and to whether the photo was manipulated, he responded with, “It is now.”

McCarthy posted a picture Photoshopped by comedian H. Alan Scott on his Twitter of the And Just Like That crew, plus him and the mannequin version of Cattrall from the 1987 film Mannequin. “I thought they’d never call,” he captioned the shitpost.

Andrew McCarthy Fixed And Just Like That With Photoshop