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Hear Late Star Jessica Walter Complain About Butterflies in the Archer Season-12 Trailer

Archer is usually out to make us laugh, but we won’t blame you if you tear up this time. The trailer for the 12th season of the FXX spy comedy is here, featuring one of the last roles by Jessica Walter, the late actor who voiced Malory Archer from the show’s beginning in 2009. This season, Sterling Archer and the agency are fighting a new enemy, capitalism, when a rival agency arrives on the scene and proves to be serious spying competition. So Sterling, Malory, and the rest of the crew face new stakes to not only complete their missions, but keep their agency alive. Still, that’s not Malory’s main worry in the trailer — she’s stuck complaining to Cyril about some “overly decorative pests,” a.k.a. butterflies. The new season premieres on FXX on August 25.

Hear Late Star Jessica Walter in Archer’s Season-12 Trailer