Ashley Monroe Is Beginning Chemotherapy After Blood Cancer Diagnosis

Photo: Amy Harris/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Singer and Pistol Annies member Ashley Monroe revealed she was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer and is planning to begin chemotherapy. The musician — whose 2021 album Rosegold and song “Gold” both fall among Vulture’s favorites of the year so far — opened up about her recent diagnosis in a July 13 Instagram post, writing that she will start chemotherapy “tomorrow.” Monroe, who is 34, said the diagnosis came after a routine round of bloodwork showed she was anemic, leading doctors to take a bone-marrow biopsy that revealed she had waldenstrom macroglobulinemia, a type of lymphoma. “It’s causing my body to be pretty severely anemic, and I feel it,” Monroe wrote. Of her chemotherapy treatment, she continued, “I’m thankful I have an illness that is VERY live with-able. I’m thankful there IS a treatment that actually works to fight what is causing harm to my body. THANKFUL for friends and family who have gathered around me praying and sending flowers and letting me lean on them during this super weird chapter of my life.”

Monroe posted the news alongside photos of herself with husband John Danks (the Chicago White Sox pitcher), their son, Dalton, and friends, including her Pistol Annies bandmates Miranda Lambert and Angaleena Presley. “Moments like these I am overwhelmed with gratitude,” she wrote of the photos with friends and family. Monroe added that she’s “done my research” and “weighed every option” alongside a team of doctors, while asking followers not to give “unsolicited advice or medical opinions.” “I could use the prayers,” she added, “and I DO believe in the power of prayer guys. I also believe in the power of love healing us all on an even deeper level. I love you all big. Here I go 💪🏼🙏❤️”

Ashley Monroe Beginning Chemotherapy for Blood Cancer