olympics 2021

Australia Says Furry Representation With 2021 Olympic Mascots

Photo: Courtesy of Woolworths and the Royal Australian Mint

Wow, the first world record of the 2021 Olympics. Australia has officially become … the first country to have furry art on legal tender. Yup, the Australian government commissioned fursonas for its Olympic and Paralympic mascots, and furries down under are feeling represented. The sticker booklets, comic, collectible coins, and even a concept for a plane wrap were designed by Twitter user @SailorFailures, who got the gig when the Royal Australian Mint said it wanted someone who could draw anime art. “Rest assured the people employing me had no idea what furries were,” they tweeted. “But I did.” They explained to astonished furries online that the Mint initially hired them to redesign its boxing kangaroo mascot and create a new one for a series of collectible coins, but “had no idea they’d gone into use” once the pandemic delayed the Games. “It was honestly a lot of pressure once I realised they wanted anthros because I knew the furry community would know and be on my ass if I drew something terrible or uncanny valley, lmao,” they said in another reply. All together, there’s a blonde hockey kangaroo, a surfing kangaroo commemorating the new Olympic sport, and a lizard with frills in the shape of Australia. The coins and stickers are available at Woolworths supermarkets in Australia. While not everything furry is necessarily sexual, have fun explaining this to the collectors in your life.

Australia Says Furry Representation With New Olympic Mascots