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Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen Are Turning Their Libcast Into Liblit

At least now you know what to get the boomers in your life this holiday season. Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen announced the book adaptation of their podcast Renegades: Born in the USA, coming out October 26. The 320-page coffee-table book will include introductions by both hosts and material from their podcast recording along with annotated Obama speeches, handwritten Springsteen lyrics (to “Thunder Road,” we wonder?), and photographs from each of them. News of the book arrived today alongside a teaser trailer — yes, a teaser for a book — showing Obama test-driving one of Springsteen’s convertibles and marveling at how his legs can’t fit inside. According to the trailer, the book will “explore the mythology of America, the music and dreams that unite us, the contradictions that divide us, the lure of the open road, and the call back home.” Which, sure, we guess the convertible goes with the open-road bit? The book will cost $50 and is already up for preorder on sites like Amazon and Bookshop.

Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen Releasing Podcast Book