Chinese Canadian Pop Star Kris Wu Detained on Suspicion of Rape

Photo: VCG via Getty Images

Chinese Canadian singer-rapper Kris Wu was detained by Beijing police on suspicions of rape on Saturday night, China Standard Time. Variety translated an official post on the Beijing Chaoyang district police’s Weibo page, which reads, “In response to internet reports ‘Wu X-fan has repeatedly tricked young women into having sex’ and other related issues, Wu X-fan (male, 30, Canadian) has been detained in accordance with the law after police investigations for the suspected crime of rape.” Earlier in July, 19-year-old college student Du Meizhu alleged online that after she met Wu at age 17, his agent invited her to Wu’s home “with the suggestion that he could help her acting career,” according to the New York Times. “Once there, she was pressured to drink cocktails until she lost consciousness, she said, and later found herself in his bed. Ms. Du said she believed that this was a tactic he used to draw other young women.” Wu denied Du’s accusations, but the BBC reported on July 28 that “at least 24 more women have come forward alleging inappropriate behavior.” Du found millions of supporters on Weibo, garnering millions of likes, with many using the hashtag #girlshelpgirls. Amidst this massive scandal in China, over a dozen brands, including Louis Vuitton and Porsche, pulled their partnerships with Wu. The Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Daily news outlet wrote regarding Wu’s arrest, “A foreign nationality is not a talisman. No matter how famous one is, there is no immunity.”

Chinese Canadian Singer Kris Wu Detained on Rape Suspicions