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Watch Dexter Stare Longingly at All Kinds of Knives in the Dexter: New Blood Trailer

The Dexter revival trailer is here, and it’s mostly a supercut of Dexter staring at different kinds of blades with heart emoji in his eyes. There are some guns thrown in for good measure, but half the trailer is Michael C. Hall getting a semi for cutlery. There’s an ax, a pocket knife, a meat cleaver, a chef’s knife, and even a straight razor. And good for him! Fans were underwhelmed with Dexter’s lumberjack finale, and Dexter: New Blood gives everyone a chance to conclude things with a little more oomph. The trailer for Dexter: New Blood shows Dex living under the name Jim Lindsay in upstate New York and dating cop Angela (Twilight series she-wolf Julia Jones). Deceased characters Debra Morgan and the Trinity Killer (Jennifer Carpenter and John Lithgow) will be returning to the show in some fashion as well. Dexter: New Blood premieres November 7.

Dexter Hearts Knives in the Dexter: New Blood Trailer