This Drag Race All Stars Lip Sync Got SICKENING

Photo: Paramount Plus

RuPaul’s Drag Race fanatics have o-fficially been fed. In the third episode of this sixth All Stars season, which premiered yesterday on Paramount+ (yes, us live-tweeters and memers are still pleading … Why?), legendary lip-sync assassin Trinity K. Bonet proved to be the top All Star of the week, which meant she’d face off against another secret lip-sync assassin in the hopes of winning [RuPaul voice] “TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.” Yet, in a twist, when Ru commanded this week’s guest to “RUVEAL YOURSELF!” there was no one waiting behind the curtain — until, seconds later, we heard these six legendary words: “Oh, y’all wanted a twist, eh!?”

YAS, reader, it’s true — Miss Laganja Estranja was this week’s lip-sync assassin, manifesting the ultimate Drag Race gag.

The cameo comes as something of a gag, since Laganja has, since her eighth-place run on her own season back in 2014, been fairly vocal about saying no to returning for an All Stars season. Longtime Drag Race followers will remember the scrutiny Laganja faced during the competition seven years ago, and most internet junkies will recognize this meme seen ’round the world:

So, with this All Stars lip sync between Trinity and Laganja now existing as a top-tier Drag Race moment, Laganja has given us a delicious twist in her ongoing Drag Race narrative. We had no other choice but to break it down, GIF by GIF.

Before the lip sync even started, the other competing queens seemed confused by the fact that no one was standing behind the curtain. The CINEMA. And, in true Drag Race editing fashion, the cameras cut to an instantly meme-able moment, Pandora Boxx with her lips pouting and eyes distraught:

This perfect homage to the one and only Tandi Iman Dupree might be the most iconic Drag Race main stage entrance in herstory:

Dula Peep:

Trinity is well-known for her Drag Race lip syncs — see: “Whatta Man,” “I’m Every Woman,” “Vibeology” — and fans knew she came to slay. The slow walk here demands the camera’s, and our, attention:

But then! Laganja reclaims the spotlight with this very casual backbend in heels:


Suddenly, remembering that Trinity K. Bonet dancing to “Physical” was absolutely, definitely, incredibly, totally, completely on our 2021 bingo card:

Laganja iconic death drop No. 1:

Serving Aja’s reveal from All Stars 3:


Laganja iconic death drop No. 2:

A brief aside for Tia Mowry’s reaction:

The Olympics are shaking:

“GAGGED” —Jan:

I can also jump into a split like this:

And finally …

Feel attacked no longer, Queen Laganja, for you have given us life!

This Drag Race All Stars Lip Sync Got SICKENING