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Disney’s Encanto Trailer Is Just Another Excuse for a Lin-Manuel Miranda Score

What in the Architectural Digest house of horrors hell has Encanto brought us? Did that wooden staircase turn into a slide? And the children are happy about this potential paralysis? We digress. As the latest stop on the 2021 cinematic-score express for Lin-Manuel Miranda, the Disney film revolves around an exceptional and fantastical family who live in an enchanted Colombian town cut off from the rest of the world, with everyone possessing some sort of magical gift that, while impressive, isn’t exactly practical. (Seriously, tell us what the benefits of shape-shifting are.) That is, everyone except Mirabel (Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz), a bespectacled teen who’s coming to terms with the fact she has no special “gifts” of her own to show off. Miranda wrote all of the original songs for the film, which also stars Wilmer Valderrama’s voice. Encanto will be released this November.

The Encanto Trailer Is Another Excuse for a Lin-Manuel Score