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Finneas Is Better Than James Blake at Everything in ‘Say What You Will’ Video

It’s a busy time to be Finneas, with his sister Billie’s sophomore album Happier Than Ever, which he produced, out in just eight days. But not too busy for him to guest star in the music video for fellow producer James Blake’s new song “Say What You Will,” premised on Finneas being better than Blake at, well, everything. In the video, that includes everything from making hits to selling out shows to smooth talking door security guards to getting girls to, uh, implicitly having a bigger dick? As for the song itself, “Say What You Will” is more of Blake’s signature melancholy, R&B-inflected fare, featuring some impressive falsetto tricks and the less-impressive lyric “I’ve been popular / with all the popular guys.” In a press release, Blake described the song as “about finding peace with who you are and where you’re at regardless of how well other people seem to be doing.” It’s also the first taste of Blake’s upcoming fifth album, Friends That Break Your Heart, described by the musician as a “concept album” and featuring musicians including SZA and JID. Blake’s last album was 2019’s Assume Form, although he released two EPs in 2020, Before and Covers.

James Blake Wishes He Was Finneas in ‘Say What You Will’ Vid