Get 3 Months of HBO Max for the Price of One with a Chromecast Device

Photo: Emily V. Aragones/HBO Max

Spotted: a new way to get an HBO Max free trial, of sorts. Here, in the middle of the streaming wars, Chromecast with Google TV won’t go unnoticed with a little deal to sweeten the pot. So, for those tilting their heads, wondering what exactly the deal entails, keep reading. Similar to their current deal with Netflix — in which one gets six months for free Chromecast is offering new users three months of an ad-free HBO Max subscription for a discounted price, along with a purchase of a Chromecast with Google TV device. The device alone is worth $49.99, but to bundle HBO Max with it will cost $64.99. Though considering how a monthly HBO Max subscription of the ad-free plan costs $14.99, you’ll basically only be paying for one month while getting three months. Does that make sense? Reader, we never claimed to be good at math. But we do know that’s three months for the price of one; giving you enough time to watch the 2021 Gossip Girl and the original 2007 series.

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Get 3 Months of HBO Max for the Price of One With Chromecast