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Bully for Gigi Hadid, Who Replaced Chrissy Teigen in Never Have I Ever

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Sports Illustrated got a Vogue makeover. Model and new mom Gigi Hadid has replaced Chrissy Teigen as a special guest narrator for Never Have I Ever’s second season, which comes after Teigen “decided to step away” from the role due to newfound scrutiny over her history of online harassment and bullying. As Vulture previously reported in June, Teigen’s narration role, which was scrapped and re-recorded with Hadid, was expected to be a humorous surprise in the show’s third episode: Hadid voices the internal monologues and thoughts of high-school hottie Paxton Hall-Yoshida, a creative decision that was also executed in a season one episode with Andy Samberg voicing the mind of fellow student love-triangler Ben Gross. Here’s how she starts the episode:

“You may be asking yourself, Why is Gig-ers taking time out of her busy schedule to narrate the story of a 16 year-old old boy? Believe it or not, I relate to this kid. We’re both constantly underestimated because people only see us as sex symbols. When scientists declare your face to be perfectly symmetrical, that’s all everyone thinks you have to offer the world. But we’ve got brains and feelings … anyway, we have so much more going on inside. At least that’s true with me. Let’s see what happens with Paxton.”

Teigen has now apologized twice for her self-declared “asshole past” of social media harassment. Just yesterday, she lamented on Instagram about how being part of the “cancel club” has made her “depressed” and unwilling to leave her home at times. “If you or someone you know has also been cancelled please let me know if there is a cancel club reunion because I could use some time off my couch,” Teigen wrote. Meanwhile, Hadid and her new daughter have essentially become the new mayors of SoHo at this point.

Bully for Gigi Hadid, Who Replaced Chrissy Teigen in NHIE