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Free Yourself From the Shackles of Modesty and Behold Lil Nas X’s ‘Industry Baby’

They thought they did something when they took him off the country charts. They truly believed they had him when they put the weight of capitalism behind recalling his Satan shoes. But with “Industry Baby” and its music video, Lil Nas X proves he will always stay on top. … ;) In a universe where he’s sentenced to Montero State Prison (guilty of his mama knowing he gay, as the teaser explained), Lil Nas X becomes the leader of a Bussy Posse, leading his crew of cuties by his pockets. In the showers, they break it down, fully naked, fully themselves, and glowing. “I don’t fuck bitches I’m queer,” Lil Nas X raps while working out next to a Jason Momoa. “But these nigga bitches like Madea.” Produced by Take a Daytrip and Donda’s baby Kanye West, “Industry Baby” features Jack Harlow on the song and in the video, as Nas X’s (canonical straight) escape accomplice. “Y’all shouldn’t have let the world gas me,” Harlow raps. Don’t make us change our minds! Meanwhile, Lil Nas X dives straight into a hole … and out of jail. Just like that, after weeks of teasing on TikTok, “Industry Baby” is free.

Lil Nas X Is Unshackled and Untamed in ‘Industry Baby’