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Lorde Graces the Triumphant Return of Late Night’s Day Drinking

Seth Meyers finally went day drinking with a celeb again. Late Night still doesn’t have an in-studio audience, but at least we got this one gesture toward normalcy. Lorde and Meyers did a host of drinking games, including one about famous royals (based on Lorde’s song “Royals,” if you didn’t get that), and exchanging local slang from New Zealand and Boston. Watching the clip, you get the sense that the Late Night writing staff has been banking drinking games all pandemic. Lorde is put through her paces, made to paint her own album cover and listen to Seth sing “Green Light.” She’s forced to drink a cocktail that’s just gin over ice with a pork-rib garnish. It’s real “adult daughter visiting estranged dad” hours. Lorde liked the rib drink, by the way.

Lorde Goes Day Drinking With Seth Meyers, Post Pandemic