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Machine Gun Kelly Had a Megan Fox Poster in His Teenage Bedroom

Photo: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Among the biggest celebrity mysteries of the early pandemic remains: How did a white-boy rapper turned pop-punker start dating an A-list sex symbol? A GQ profile of Machine Gun Kelly, written by his former high-school classmate, the Pulitzer-winning reporter Wesley Lowery, inches closer to an answer, dropping the revelation that Kelly hung a poster of Megan Fox in his teenage bedroom in the Cleveland suburbs. What’s more, Kelly, born Colson Baker, got a tattoo of the Decepticon logo from the Transformers movies (in which Fox starred) as a teen, and a former classmate told Lowery that Kelly had said he would marry Fox. And that poster? From Fox’s 2008 GQ cover shoot, as she confirmed in the background of the interview. “That’s some full-circle shit,” Kelly told the magazine, 13 years later.

Elsewhere in the profile, Kelly waxed on his happy life with Fox, whom he began publicly dating in May 2020, shortly after her equally public split from husband Brian Austin Green. Speaking on his shape-shifting career, Kelly added that falling in love — for the first time, he insisted — has given him security in his identity. “I still was trying to be somebody else, and now I’m kind of like, ‘I’ve found who I am,’” he said. “It took me having a partner to realize that who I am on the red carpet is also who I am in the house now.” And if you’re still skeptical of that? Kelly continued, “It seems like right when someone gets happy, all the — I call them the miserables — all of the miserables come out and they want you to join their club because they don’t like happy.” Let the man be happy: He’s only “waited for eternity” to date Megan Fox.

Machine Gun Kelly Had a Megan Fox Poster in His Teen Bedroom