Neal Brennan Announces New One-Man Show Unacceptable, Directed by a Magician

Black button-up? Already lookin’ like a magician. Photo: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

If you find yourself unexpectedly crying the next time you go see a Neal Brennan comedy show, don’t be alarmed; it’s probably because it was directed by In & Of Itself’s Derek DelGaudio, who tends to be able to coax tears out of people. Yes, Brennan announced today that his next one-man show will be directed by a straight-up magician. Called Neal Brennan: Unacceptable, the Off Broadway theatrical stand-up show follows Brennan as he “meticulously examines his own defects, attempting to understand his baffling inability to fit into a group and the alienation that comes along with it.” So maybe just as much “funny ha-ha” as “funny ta-da.”(Get it? Maaaaagic.) Unacceptable’s six-week limited engagement begins August 25 at the Cherry Lane Theatre, with tickets on sale today.

Neal Brennan Announces New One-Man Show Unacceptable