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8 GIFs of Normani’s Wildest Sides

Behold: ART. Photo: Normani via YouTube

Normani took her time with this one. The former Fifth Harmony star has returned with “Wild Side,” her first official single since 2019’s “Motivation,” and she’s showing off the parts of her that fans never get to see. Directed by Tanu Muino with creative direction from Maxime Quoilin, Normani commands the attention of every camera across dynamic sets. She shows off all her dance training, from body rolls to floor work to popping and locking, all while styled in updated 2000s fashion — baggy pants and tiny tops galore. The R-rated track features Cardi B, who cast Normani in her “WAP” music video last year (one of her many strokes of utter genius). She joins the R&B songstress wearing nothing but the (glowing) skin she’s in. Download the GIF, it’ll last longer. Whether you’ve found your new religion or just want to marvel at Normani’s bone structure, these GIFs are for you.

Former gymnast Normani Kordei serving Simone Biles in stilettos is enough to get anyone drunk in love.

Nobody does 2000s nostalgia like Normani. She’s both parts of “What’s Luv” with Ashanti and Ja Rule and all of Destiny’s Children.

Not just concept, but execution.

You have choreographer Sean Bankhead to thank for all of this. Begging for a feature-length documentary exclusively about this scene, from inception to rehearsal to the Twitter debates already ensuing.

Who is the lucky gorgeous gal who plays Normani’s reflection? We’re, uh, gonna need her for the doc …

Breath! Taking!

Love this trend of Cardi B and her gal pals just being extra friendly.

Normani has arrived.

8 GIFs of Normani’s Wildest Sides