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Paul McCartney Gives Us the One Good Deep Fake With His ‘Find My Way’ Video

Paul McCartney, who’s spiritually 79 going on 19, is also physically 19 in this new music video for “Find My Way,” a collaboration with Beck from his upcoming McCartney III Imagined album. (Not to be confused with that other number project he has in the works.) The de-aged Macca is charming as hell and embracing his full Austin Powers mod as he opens some doors and closes some other doors, and glistens by the third act when the set turns into a James Turrell fever dream. Cheer on this one good deep fake while grooving along to the lyrics: “Well, I can find my way, I know my left from right / Because we never close, I’m open day and night.” Hey, but no Ringo?

Paul McCartney Deep Fakes Us With ‘Find My Way’ Video