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Relive Butt Rock’s Swan Song with HBO’s Woodstock 99 Doc

Who could have known that Woodstock 99 would descend into chaos, a swirling vortex of human waste and angry white men? According to the the trailer for the new HBO documentary, Moby. Moby saw it coming a mile away. Woodstock 99 was an orgy of poor planning: no shade, $4 water bottles, and a fundamental misunderstanding of the nu metal fanbase. The Woodstock 99 trailer seems to draw a line straight from the “Break Stuff” era of Limp Bizkit to the Capitol Riots of 2021. One could definitely make an argument that the virulent misogyny at Woodstock 99 (there were multiple sexual assaults at the festival) is out in full force across many internet movements. Whether you can see our grim present in Woodstock 99, it remained the cultural touchpoint for music fest failure. That is, until Fyre Fest. Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage premieres July 23 on HBO Max.

Relive the Fall of Butt Rock with HBO’s Woodstock 99 Doc