Are We Sure This Previously Unreleased Spice Girls Song Isn’t Girls5Eva?

Photo: Kim Stallknecht/EPA/Shutterstock

This isn’t the “Free Your Mind” and “For Your Love” mash-up we were expecting, but hey, new Spice Girls is still better than no Spice Girls. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of “Wannabe,” the girl group opened their micro-mini vault and shared a previously unreleased song, “Feed Your Love,” a ballad so sensual we started undressing ourselves at the minute mark. Pitchfork reports that the song was written and recorded in 1995, but, despite snippets leaking in the past, “Feed Your Love” never saw daylight until now. We can also confirm that this is not an Emmy campaign for Girls5Eva, even if the lyrics include horny head-scratchers such as “there’s a party inside of me” and “feed your love to me, baby.”

A “Wannabe” demo has also been released for the girls’ silver anniversary, which, well, kind of sounds the same, give or take a few tempo changes.

Let’s take this zig-a-zig-ah energy and prophesize football coming home.

Are We Sure This New Spice Girls Song Isn’t Girls5Eva?