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Somebody Send Jason Momoa’s Sweet Girl Pharma-Revenge Trailer to the Sacklers

In the first trailer for Sweet Girl, an action-revenge drama that should probably be renamed Angry Man, Jason Momoa finally gets his Taken moment with a wholly American pharmaceutical spin: After the death of his character’s terminally ill wife, he’s destined to kill pretty much every executive (including the smarmy Justin Bartha) who works at a company that pulled its cancer drug off the market and revels at paying competitors to shell generic brands of drugs. His daughter (Isabela Merced) also joins him on the run, but, damn … Big Pharma has access to a lot of assassins. “The past is like a dream. Images and feelings offers some truth about how we got here,” Momoa narrates. “Even if details have blurred with time.” Sweet Girl will be released on August 20, a perfect chaser to The Kissing Booth 3.

Send the Sweet Girl Pharma-Revenge Trailer to the Sacklers