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Stanley’s Threat Level Midnight Is Giving Zero F*cks in This Never-Before-Seen Office Clip

Stanley willingly staying in an office after 5 p.m? And it’s not even Pretzel Day? Of course not. Get it together. Continuing the trend of releasing never-before-seen Office clips and cold opens for content reasons, Peacock has unveiled its newest Dunder Mifflin scene, which comes from the season-two episode “The Client”: Everybody is in the conference room reading Michael’s fabulously awful Threat Level Midnight script … except, well, Stanley, who can’t be bothered to hear about the exploits of Agent Michael Scarn and if he indeed becomes the president’s best man at his wedding. Dwight, Jim, Pam, Phyllis, and even Ryan all seem to be having a great time, which makes us think this happened before the sole “Dwigt” was discovered. Yeah, awkward.

Stanley’s Gives Zero F*cks in This Brand-new Office Clip