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The Simpsons Is Doing Its First All-Musical Episode

Photo: The Simpsons

Fans of “See My Vest” and “The Stonecutters’ Song,” have we got news for you. The creative team behind The Simpsons announced in a Comic-Con @ Home video panel on Saturday that its Season 247 33 premiere will be a full-blown musical episode. “The premiere this year is the most musical thing we’ve ever done. Almost wall-to-wall music,” said executive producer Matt Selman. “It’s like a Broadway musical of an episode, with all original songs. And we’ve got Kristen Bell playing the role of Marge’s singing voice.” The panel then shared early concept art of “Homer in the bathroom singing to Marge in his underpants drawn by David [Silverman],” which was used in the table read for the cast to get in the spirit.

Concept art for the upcoming musical episode as displayed during The Simpsons’ Comic Con panel. Photo: The Simpsons/Comic Con @ Home

Selman revealed more details about the episode, which is called “The Star of the Backstage,” to Entertainment Weekly, explaining, “Marge has amazing memories of being the stage manager of her high school musical, Y2K: The Millennium Bug, and decides to re-stage it with everyone 20 years later for one last show.” According to EW, it was inspired by the Disney+ series Encore! hosted by Bell, because the synergy is inescapable.

The Simpsons Is Doing Its First All-Musical Episode