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Time Is an Illusion on Coldplay’s Ten-Minute Album Closer, ‘Coloratura’

Based on its visuals and lofty name, it’s clear that Music of the Spheres, Coldplay’s upcoming Max Martin-produced album, has the oft-mocked band thinking about the very nature of space and time. Maybe it’s fitting, then, that they decided to drop the album’s 10-plus-minute-long (!) closer, “Coloratura,” on Thursday, following the release of Music of the Spheres’s lead single, “Higher Power,” back in May. “Coloratura” will have you asking questions like, “What is time, really?” and, “What does ‘coloratura’ mean?” (an elaborate operatic embellishment, per Merriam Webster). “And up there in the heavens/ Galileo saw reflections of us too,” the song’s last chorus asserts over appropriately spacey instrumentation. “Pluribus unum, unus mundus/ All the satellites imbue.” Whatever you say, Chris Martin. Music of the Spheres drops on October 15.

Time Is an Illusion on Coldplay’s 10-Minute ‘Coloratura’