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Ascend to Heaven With Tom Petty’s ‘Angel Dream No. 2’ Music Video

Tom Petty is providing more for us beyond the grave than most musicians do in their lifetimes, with the posthumous music video for “Angel Dream No. 2,” guaranteed to make you weepy by the time an animated Petty, luscious locks and all, walks out with a guitar at the 0:40 mark. The song, as Petty-heads (eh, too close to Parrotheads … maybe Pettlers?) could tell you, was first released in 1996 as part of the She’s the One soundtrack, which Petty composed with the help of his Heartbreakers. That album was reimagined and rereleased this month under the name Angel Dream, which features “grunge era rock renditions” of the songs. “Angel Dream No. 2” and its music video are more surrealist than grungy, though. Put your flannel shirt away.

Ascend to Heaven With Tom Petty’s ‘Angel Dream No. 2’ Video